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Which is your most fragrant candle?

Each candle fragrance is based on a true-to-life inspiration. Our top Scented candle voted by our customers is Raspberries & Peppercorn.

How do you make your candles smell so authentic?

That’s our little secret! actually we love researching fragrances. Once we find the perfect type of fragrance we test the scent throw and quality of burn.

Can I refill my jar candle when it is empty? Do you recycle the empty jars?

Glass weakens as it’s used, so we do not recommend refilling any of our candles for re-use as a candle. They do make great holders, for all kinds of things around the home. If you prefer to recycle, most local recycling agencies will accept empty Candle jars with other glass jars.

Why do candle wicks sometimes become mushroom shaped?

This usually occurs when the wick needs to be trimmed. Extinguish the flame, and use a wick trimmer or scissors to trim the wick to 5mm and relight.

How can I keep my candles looking their best?

Keep your candles stored in a cool, dry place for them to look their best if not being used immediately. Some coloured Candles will discolour or fade when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods.

Why does it say to discontinue using the candle when 1cm of wax remains?

This is because the glass can get hotter as the flame nears the bottom and is to prevent any heat damage. We also recommend to using a heat resistant surface such as a candle tray to prevent any damage to your surfaces.

How do I make a complaint?

We’re sorry you’ve not been happy with our product or service. If you would like to get in touch; please visit our contact us page to submit your query.

How can I become a stockist or retailer?

If you are interested in becoming a stockist or retailer; please contact one of us at blacksheepcandles@yahoo.com.

How long will my candle burn for?

This completely depends on the candle – please see each individual candle’s page on the website to see the burn time.

Are your candles wick lead-free?

Yes, for many years the wicks in our candles have been free from lead.

Our Top 10 Tips for Safe Candle Use Are as Follows:

Never leave a candle burning unattended. Burn well out of reach of children and pets. Keep well away from flammable items. Observe minimum distance between two burning candles. Only stand on inflammable surfaces – use suitable containers or candleholders. Do not expose the candle to draughts or other air flows e.g. radiators. Keep the burning bowl free of impurities and flammable materials. Extinguish sooting, flickering candles – trim the wick and/or rim before re-igniting. Do not move the candle so long as the wax in the burning bowl is still liquid. Never extinguish burning candles with water.